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How it works

Use our email extensions to schedule your business meetings in seconds.
Without leaving your inbox!
Install the email extension
Install the mail extension
Letsmeet on email.
Go to your mailbox and create a new message
Click on the Letsmeet icon to pull the sidebar and open the email application.
Sign in to your Letsmeet account from the right panel
Log into your account with the same email you normally use.
create a meeting
Enjoy Letsmeet from your email
Plan your meetings as usual. Use the form to submit a Letsmeet Poll or Classic Poll without leaving your mailbox.
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You may also manage, create and use your personal Scheduling Links.

All you can meet!

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches with Letsmeet!

Maximize your productivity with our intuitive interface and range of powerful features!
“It helps me easily organize meetings and then make sure they actually happen! Letsmeet makes organizing meetings with just one person or a whole group easy! The dashboard is also great for making sure a meeting didn't fall through the cracks”
Ben O.
Co-founder and General Partner
Venture Capital & Private Equity
“Free version works perfectly for me. It syncs to my calendars. I can easily select days and times to share with those I'm meeting. It auto adds to my calendar. I like that does an auto reminder to follow-up. I am able to access through my phone.”
Emma L.
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate
“My Views on Letsmeet Usage. Plan, schedule and manage online meetings. Letsmeet has been the main corporate events scheduling backbone. It saves time by eradicating traditional meetings which were costly and time consuming.”
Romeo G.
CISSP Official Tining Instruction
Information Technology and Services
“It has been quite easy for me to plan, schedule and reschedule corporate online meetings. Letsmeet enhances real-time appointment, group and class scheduling automatically.”
Moin M.
Vice President - Chemicals, Water & Technology Center
Oil & Energy
“An easy way to schedule business meetings. I tried Letsmeet during the last few months and it is already a must-have. It is so easy to use, the support team is always ready to answer my questions and the features are evolving daily.”
Florian C.
Paid acquisition specialist
Marketing and Advertising

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$5,00/seat/month (2+ seats)
$119,88 $99,90/seat/year

$60,00 $48,00/seat/year
(2+ seats)
Everything on Essential +
Create an unlimited amount of meetings and scheduling links!
Personalize Letsmeet with your company logo on all scheduling emails and your guests’ answer screen
Priority customer support
Priority tech support
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